Corruption to Derail the Operation against ISIS in Mosul


Iraq is at sensitive stage of its history and struggling hard to regain its glory and peace for years. ISIS is one of the biggest challenges for the government of Iraq for last two years. The fight with ISIS militants is almost at the edge. The militants are stranded in the Mosul by the security forces of Iraq. A grand operation to regain Mosul from ISIS has started from Sunday.

During such situations and at the sensitive time the political parties and army should be at one page to face different challenges. The country will have to face a flood of internally displaced people from all over the city and from nearby villages as a result of this grand operation. The list of the challenges for Iraq is so big.

It is so unfortunate that the time when politicians need to focus on their people, they are fighting for the corruption money. The administration of Haider Abadi was considered as neat and cleans against corruption but its five most senior ministers are said to be involved in the huge corruption including speaker of Iraq parliament. Moreover the case of corruption is also very embarrassing for Abadi government. Its ministers were involved in corruption while buying military equipment to fight against ISIS in the country.


The contract was signed with the United States of America to buy military equipment but the detail was kept secret from parliament. The detail of this case came in the front of media when an American official gave the statement on media about that contract. The terms of this contract were kept hidden from other parliament members. Unfortunately the defense minister of Iraq was also found involved in the corruption case. Haider Abadi suspended all involved members of parliaments and other government officials to start inquiry. It not only suspended those parliament members but also imposed ban on their air travel.

The abadi is looking to enhance the moral of their soldiers fighting against deadly enemies of the time. They need inspiration and commitments from their political and public sector. What can be the moral of the army fighting for those civilian looting the wealth of nation? No doubt a wave of frustration could be spread around the country. It will not only impact the moral of soldiers but also impact the results of the Mosul war. It will also impact the fund raising campaign by Iraq in the world to support in war in terror against ISIS.

You must keep in the consideration that donor countries often not trust the government of Iraq due to corruption. They send their payments through UNO and other aid agencies working for Iraq.

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