Deadline End Today, New List of Ministers will be presented in the Parliament on?


A famous political analyst Khalil Al-Najafi stressed that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi should initiate administrative reforms because current political crisis in the country destroying Iraqi economic situation.

Most of the economic experts believe that if Al-Abadi is unable to complete the reforms task then perfect option would be the termination of Al-Abadi from the post of Iraqi Prime Minister. Al-Abadi has extended time for finalizing the list of new cabinet ministers for 2 days and tomorrow is final day for Iraqi political blocs. The Iraqi Prime Minister has asked the Iraqi Political blocs for their selections and announced a deadline of 26th March to submit their nominations for technocrat ministers of new Iraqi cabinet. The Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Al-Abadi will submit a list of changed ministers next week in the Iraqi House of Representatives.


The economic adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi confirmed that current resistance against reforms is temporary, but this resistance would not go too long and reforms process will be continued properly. Muhammad Saleh further added that reforms will be irreversible and all the corrupt elements should be eliminated and we will bring those corrupt persons in front of justice. He also pointed out that reforms process is considered a lengthy project, but it would secure the future of our next generations. He stressed that administrative reforms has its own importance because it would provide an honest environment, so bugs finding and killing those bugs would clean corruption from top level. Those high level honest elements will be able to monitor and clean bugs of corruption from their specific departments.

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