Deputy reveals why the postponement of the “Conference of the Year” in Baghdad


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Sunni forces postponed the Baghdad conference scheduled for next Saturday, until further notice, to coincide with a review by the Iraqi army on the occasion of “victory in Mosul,” MP Mohammad al-Karbouli said on Wednesday.

Karbouli said in a statement to Sky Press that the political forces preparing to hold the conference in mid-July in Baghdad, “I decided to postpone the date, so that the participation of the Iraqi people celebrations of victory in Mosul, through the review by the Iraqi army, on Saturday , The same day as previously scheduled for the Conference. ”

He denied the leadership of the Party of Solution, “the existence of any differences or pressures led to the postponement of the conference,” asserting that “the decision to postpone was taken voluntarily by the organizers, who decided to attend the Iraqi army review on the occasion of the victory of Mosul.”

The speaker of the parliament announced that the Sunni political forces, will hold a conference in Baghdad, mid-July, to discuss the merits of the post-urging, and discuss the project reconstruction of the areas restored from the urging. Jubouri said that the personalities required for the Iraqi judiciary, will meet in Erbil, in conjunction with the conference in mid-July, noting that these figures declared their full commitment to the outcome of the Baghdad conference of decisions.

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