Detect 200 cases of corruption in the internal circuits in Baghdad


The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday that more than 200 administrative and financial corruption cases have been uncovered in its Baghdad offices over the past month.

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior said in a statement received “the detachments and committees of the Directorate of Inspection Baghdad of the Office of the Inspector General, seized 202 cases of administrative and financial corruption in the departments of the ministry in Baghdad during the month of May,” asserting that ” The formation of the Directorate of 192 committees and the implementation of rounds of inspection and inspection during the month.”

The office added that “the Directorate was able during the month of the discovery of 187 cases of administrative corruption and 15 cases of financial corruption in the departments and joints of the ministry in Baghdad.”

He explained that “the indicators of administrative corruption that were seized were 125 cases of negligence and 32 cases of fraud and 21 cases of functional exploitation and 6 cases of abuse of power and 3 cases of seizure,” adding that “indicators of financial corruption detected 10 cases of bribery and 4 cases of waste of public money and the case of embezzlement one”.

The Office said in its report, “The cases of administrative and financial corruption that have been discovered as a result of the audit and inspection carried out by the committees and divisions of the Directorate of Inspection Baghdad, where the number of rounds and inspection visits carried out by the Directorate during the month 161 tour and inspection visit, 31 committees “.

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