Detection of the use of internationally banned weapons in Mosul


Human Rights Watch said on Thursday that it was concerned that the US-led coalition was using weapons, bombs and explosives that were banned under international humanitarian law, citing the use of 500-pound bombs.

“Thousands of families are stranded at a mosque in western Mosul, where their civilian militants are prevented from escaping to a safe place,” said deputy director of the Middle East division at Human Rights Watch, Faqih, in a report posted on the organization’s Web site and read by us. “Coalition forces must recognize that the use of explosive weapons with large impacts in the busy old city places civilians at excessive risk.”

“The increase in the number of civilian casualties from air strikes has raised concerns about air strikes by coalition forces and Iraqi forces.” The use of large-scale explosive ordinance, such as air-borne bombs weighing 500 pounds or more, used in the process, Cause civilian casualties and damage to property in excess of the expected military results. “These disproportionate military attacks are prohibited under international humanitarian law.

According to UN estimates, there are still 200,000 civilians in an area of 2 square kilometers in the old city west of Mosul, which is surrounded by Iraqi and US-led coalition forces in preparation for the battle there.

The Irvares and Amnesty International Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, the Global Network of Explosive Weapons and Children of War confirmed that the international coalition committed extensive abuses during the battle in Mosul.

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