Did Nuri Al Maliki Provide Four-Wheel Drive Cars to Daash Terrorists?


Four-Wheel Drive Cars to Daash

A Lebanese newspaper ‘Diyar Lebanese’ shocked when they published a purchase invoice by Toyota Motor Company of their ten thousand four-wheel drive cars that were registered in the name of Nuri Al Maliki, the former Iraqi Prime Minister.

The newspaper also indicated that former Iraqi Prime Minister bought some of those cars for the use of security units and guard teams, some cars for the use of Iraqi army in order to control Daash organization in Tikrit and Mosul. But sudden withdrawal of Iraqi army, Daash organization captured more than nine thousand cars from them and used to travel in Iraq and Syria. A U.S channel ‘ABC’ also indicated in this month that United States has noted an increase in the number of vehicles that are being used by the Daash terrorists.

It is also said that anti-terrorism officials in the United States have asked the Toyota Company to help them in finding the source of purchasing those vehicles that are being used by the Daash terrorists and most of them are ‘pocket’ and ‘pick-up’ model cars. Toyota Company is the second largest car producer company in the world. The company helped the investigation team of the anti-terrorist financing department at the U.S treasury.

The Toyota Company handed over the cars supplying information to the Middle East and security measures that were been taken to avoid a car in the hands of people or terrorist activities. The company urged that they are unable to monitor the stolen or resold cars because most of the cars under the use of terrorists are not of the new models.

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