Documents will be revealed about scams by Private Banks on Iraqi Citizens: Mashhadani


The MP from the Union of National Forces Mehmoud Al-Mashhadani said in a press interview to Euphrates News that there are a number of evidences and documents verifying dodge tricks by a number of Private Banks on Iraqi citizens.

Mashhadani further added in his statement that there are a large number of irregularities found in a number of Iraqi private banks and some of those tricks are considered as fraud on the Iraqi citizens. He stressed that Iraqi Central Bank should take notice and redress poor Iraqi citizens. Iraq is experiencing most terrible financial and economic crisis in the history.

Iraqi Private Banks

Mashhadani added that there are a number of undeniable evidences in files and documents for the banks that are involved in dodge tricks and fraud activities against Iraqi citizens. These incidents took place in a number of provinces, but Iraqi Central Bank didn’t take any kind of serious action against those private banks in Iraq. He pointed out that coming days would experience the provisions of such securities to the responsible parties in this activity. It has been confirmed that a lawsuit has been filed against a number of branches of those private banks, but it is not enough to secure the rights of Iraqi citizens.

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