Donald Trump is not Sound Mind Person: Stephen Hayes


The Republican Party is facing some internal disputes over the nomination of Donald Trump as president of United States of America. Some of the party members believe the speeches of Trump damaged the worth of Republican Part in the country. The party is facing low strength in those states where they were too strong to defeat. One the member said the Trump is not Ok and he is not looking as a sound mind person.

He need support from a doctor as his speeches are promoting hate and anger in the United States and urging people on violence. He said Trump recently refused to support even his own senior party members that show his mental condition. We must keep in the mind that he is going to become the supreme leader of the mightiest army of the world that is so dangerous.

Donald Trump is accused for anger, hate, sectarian differences and hate for immigrants to the United States. Most of the people believe that Trump is the danger for our prosperity and the national security. Most of people say they don’t need to worry about any external enemy because Trump is enough to destroy the whole nation. After looking at the present situation and the down fall in the popularity of Republican Party in United States, the party decided to create an organization to promote the Republicans in the country.


The president of the organization while tiling to BBC said she is always worried about behavior of Trump. She said his behavior is damaging the whole campaign and pave the way for the opponents to talk against party. During this discussion BBC was expecting that she will support Hillary as strong candidate but she did not do so and remained careful.

She further added that she think that there is something wrong with Trump that need to be fixed. She said she is a republican and feel too bad while taking like this about her nominee. She wished Republican Party win the election but it will be a big challenge for her and for her team to promote the party in the present critical situation. Some senior politicians of the party are still against the nomination of the Trump as presidential candidate.

The spokesman for New York City has already said he will vote for Hillary instead of choosing an insane man who does not know the Americans in real. Number Republicans said they will not cast vote this time because of wrong nomination and they will also not vote for Hillary as faith for their party. The senior journalists have also proved Trump as insane person and believe Hillary will win the election.


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