Donald Trump to be Terminated from Election Nomination: Daily Telegraph


The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported that the top authorities of the U.S Republican Party are looking to prevent the nomination of the U.S Presidential Election candidate of Republican Party Donald Trump due to his aggression for Muslims.

The newspaper published an article with a headline the “Donald Trump calls for discrimination of ethic amid Republican plans to stop his candidacy”. The writer of this article Robert Tate indicated that the upcoming GOP of the U.S presidential candidate Donald Trump called again to clarify the traditional law against Muslims. The newspaper further said that a number of Republican Party leaders have been planned to prevent the nomination of Donald Trump from party, in the Republican party elections.


The Daily Telegraph further explained that Donald Trump has already been suffering from criticism various times due to his resentment to Muslims. Point to be noted that he didn’t back down and continued his aggression. It was also said that Trump has pushed away remarks in the last week after the shooting attack in Orlando Nightclub. The gunman targeted a Nightclub and it was used for homosexuals. Trump expressed his wishes for encountering and killing the attacker at the incident site. Donald Trump said in an interview to CBS that “It is the time for thinking about traditional & cultural discrimination in the state. The newspaper indicated that Trump has asked for using inspection equipments in the mosques in the United States.

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