Donald Trump to Pull out from the U.S Presidential Contest: Saudi Prince


Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

The Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Al-waleed bin Talal tweeted from his official Twitter account (@Alwaleed Talal) that the U.S Presidential candidate Donald Trump is disgrace and should throw-out from the U.S Presidential contest.

He advised to Donald Trump that ‘you should withdraw from the U.S presidential contest because you are unable to win this contest’. It is important that Al-Waleed is normally a straightforward person and member of the Saudi Royal Family. He chairs Kingdom Holding Co and he has interests in various firms such as the U.S giant banking Citigroup. His office also issued a statement on Saturday morning and his tweet was in the response against the statement of Donald Trump about ‘Anti-Islam Speech’.

Al-Waleed bin Talal is considered a religious but moderate Muslim. Donald Trump is nominated from the Republican Party and he attacked on Muslims in the United States and abroad as he made a proposal not to enter the Muslims in the U.S. Trump delivered his words after a shooting incident by a Muslim couple in San Bernardino, California. At least 14 people were dead in this shooting incident. But, he blamed all the Muslims in the world as he considered that all the Muslims in world are terrorists. The Saudi Prince said that Trump is mentally sick person and should be eliminated from the U.S Presidential contest and he advised him to withdraw from the U.S Presidential race as he will never win this contest.

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