Don’t Waste Time! Sell Iraqi Dinar, Right Now: Iraqi Reporter Eye



A senior economist Mahmoud Al Daghr said in press interview that there would be a significant decrease in the Iraqi reserves of hard cash and foreign currencies.

It would generate critical problems for Iraqi dinar in the global currency market. A considerable increase in the inflation rate is also expected in the country. He said in a press statement that government of Iraq considering at the option to utilize Iraqi reserves. It is very important that Iraqi government in need to get more loans to support Iraqi financial crisis and government is looking to utilize Iraqi hard cash reserves. It would also cover most of the major expenditures and top priority issues in the Iraqi federal budget 2016. It would also boost up the U.S dollar exchange rate against Iraqi dinar currency. So, it is perfect time to Sell Iraqi Dinar because its value would decrease significantly in the coming period of time.

Al Daghr stressed that only money supply in the Iraqi local currency markets would become more strengthened by utilizing the Iraqi reserves by the Iraqi government. It would be the time when Iraqi dinar currency would lose its strength against most of the major international currencies, and Iraqi dinar currency would become worthless. At the other end, the Economic Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Saleh said that Iraqi people should calm down because these crises are temporary and Iraqi government is looking to find much better solutions to resolve these issues. But, there are a number of Iraqi dinar investors predicted that it is perfect time to Sell Iraqi Dinar.

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