Egypt Air has increased 4 flights in a week from Cairo to Baghdad


The Egypt Air has increased its flights from Baghdad to Cairo. Egypt Air is expecting a significant increase in the demand of flights due to a large amount of booking is expected during the summer season and the company has approved for four flights from Cairo to Baghdad in a week.

This step was taken due to increasing number of visitors to tourist destinations using flight transit to African and European countries. The regional director from the Egypt Air Office in Baghdad, Ahmed Al-Saeed issued a press statement that the company invited competing tourist groups and companies, and Arab Airlines in Iraq at Iftar. He added that that Iraqi Airways violated in a fair competition between tourist companies and aviation REO practices. He pointed out that meeting results would allow Egypt Air to operate its four fully booked flights during the entire summer season.


He also pointed out that a large number of Airline companies are looking to change their tourist trips from Turkey to Egypt due to the recent issues generated in Turkey. He added that Turkey has issued security clearance, but most of the companies are showing hesitation to operate their flight from that route. He confirmed that four flights from Egypt to Iraq will be added in our schedule and these flights will be operational from Wednesday morning. He added that flights schedule for Egypt Air from Cairo to Baghdad has set for Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. He admired that the Egyptian ambassador in Baghdad Ahmed Darwaish made great efforts for the successful meetings. He confirmed that Egypt Air prices will be increased by 60 U.S dollars.

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