Ellawi called National Alliance to replace Abadi to save the Country


The President of the Iraqi National Coalition Iyad Ellawi declared that the National Coalition called the National Alliance for immediate replacement of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi or there should be early elections in the country under the supervision of the United Nations.

The Iraqi National Coalition issued a statement that Ellawi called the Iraqi National Alliance several months ago to replace the Iraqi Prime Minister or early election is necessary under the supervision of the United Nations. Ellawi further said that National Coalition is not agreed with the replacement of faces. We needed the implementation for real reforms and we inspired by the political reforms documents and for real development in the Iraqi economy due to variable circumstances.

It is important that Ellawi called the coalition, the Iraqi political blocs and potential sources outside the Iraqi political process. He added that our government officials are not less than terrorists and considered as their supporters. So, reform documents should be re-examined, especially the re-examine of Iraqi political structure that was developed according to the political process and it has pushed our country in more severe and critical situation. The leadership of political blocs should form a supreme body as soon as possible from all political blocs in order to prepare and conduct early general election in the country, and the general election should be supervised by the United Nations. He warned that replacement of the current Iraqi Prime Minister is most essential for the development in all the financial and economic sectors in the country.

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