Emergency Evacuation Plan for U.S citizens from Iraq due to Fall of Mosul Dam


The U.S embassy has denied regarding the news that United States is decreasing its number of employees after the danger warnings of plug connector.

The U.S embassy issued a press statement and denied the news that the Iraqi local media has reported, the U.S is planning to decrease the number of U.S embassy staff members in Baghdad. The U.S ambassador to Baghdad Stewart Jones said that the U.S embassy is continuously performing its operation normally and our all employees are working under the supervision of the U.S Administration. The U.S embassy also rejected the claim that “ the U.S embassy has advised to U.S citizens to leave Iraq”, but the embassy has advised the U.S embassy members and to American citizens to make emergency plans for perfect communication.

The Iraqi Prime Minister yesterday delivered his words in a press conference and advised the members of the U.S embassy and American citizens to manage their emergency plans in the circumstances stated by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi regarding the Mosul Dam. Some media reports are indicating that the United States has alerted the U.S citizens to be prepare to come back from Iraq in the event of disaster after collapse of connector plus. Yesterday, the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement for the residents of Mosul and released guidance in order to prevent the major risks and losses in the event of Mosul dam collapse in Northern Iraq.

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