Emergency Meeting of Arab League on Saudi request against Iran



On Sunday, the Saudi Arabia forwarded a request to Arab League to arrange an emergency meeting in order to discuss the attacks incidents on the Saudi Embassy and consulate in Iran.

The Deputy Head said that we have received a request from the Saudi Arabia regarding the attacks incidents happened on 2nd January 2016 in Tehran and we have called an emergency meeting to discuss on this issue and the date will be declared very soon. It is also said by Ahmed Ben Helli that an adventuring talk would take place to condemn on the violations dedicated to Iraq against the asceticism of the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and Saudi Consulate in Mashhad.

This meeting is being planned just after the Saudi Government has disconnected all its connections with Iran due to Iranian interference in Saudi internal issues specially the execution of a Shiite cleric in Riyadh and the Saudi Arabia is condemning the Iranian intrusion in Saudi internal affairs. He also added that critical situation rose between two oil rich countries in the region because the execution of Sunni population Saudi Arabia of shooting out the Shiite activist and cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al Nimr and his death raised intensity. He was killed with other 46 militants including Al Qaeda militants and Shiite Activists accusable on terrorism charges.

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