Emergency plan prepared to overcome Political & Economic issues, Good news for Iraqi Dinar Investors


The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has issued a statement that Iraqi government has made an emergency plan to eliminate current economic and financial crisis in the country.

There would be a perfect solution after a significant increase in the global oil prices, but there are other workable solutions to recover Iraqi economy and in making better situation in Iraqi financial institutions. It would also support Iraqi dinar currency, in spite of critical political condition in the country. A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmed Sarhan said that current Iraqi political situation has generated more problems for Iraqi government. It has been reflecting negative impact on the Iraqi economic growth and development.

Good News for Iranian Economy

Ahmed Sarhan further added that current political situation in the country is stopping the process of implementation of reforms and the development in the projects of economic sector. He added that critical economic crisis can be eliminated after a significant rise in the global oil prices, but political issues to be resolved as soon as possible. These kinds of political issues can create more disastrous economic situation in the country. Most of the economic and financial experts believe that Iraqi government is moving on a perfect direction because implementation of reforms would bring back Iraqi looted money. It is important that a number of Iraqi politicians and government officials are involved in money-laundering. So, the administrative reforms would eliminate almost entire administrative corruption. It would also support in moving the Iraqi economy towards much better directions. It would also open new doors for local and foreign investors to invest in Iraqi currency and Iraqi development sectors. Most of the Dinar gurus also predicted that Iraqi Dinar RV is not too far and it is expected in a couple of months. They suggest to Buy Iraqi Dinar currency and secure their future.

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