Facts behind the resignation of Salim Al-Jubouri: Experts


On Thursday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives confirmed the termination of Head of Iraqi Parliament and his two deputies. It is also said that new Speaker of Iraqi Parliament will be elected on Saturday 16th April 2016.

The MP Saleh Al-Hasnawi delivered his words in a press interview that Iraqi House of Representatives undisputedly voted for the termination of Salim Al-Jubouri from his post of presidency and his two deputies. Al-Hasnawi added that Saturday session of the House of Representatives is dedicated for the election of new President of Iraqi House of Representatives. The Head of Council of Representatives Adnan Al-Janabi and 171 deputies showed determination for the Presidency of Iraqi Parliament.

Speaker Terminated

Point to be noted that the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri submitted his resignation after the elimination of Iraqi National Forces Union bloc. Salim Al-Jubouri belongs to the National Forces Union bloc and the senior authorities of the block met with the Speaker and asked to resign from his post due to current political crisis and unacceptable decisions of Al-Abadi. The political and legal experts believe that Muqtada Al-Sadr pressurized the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and he is working to eliminate the Sunni members from the top posts. At the other hand, Kurds defending the Iraqi President Fuad Masum because the next target of Al-Abadi & Sadrist will be the termination of Iraqi President. Experts predicted that Iraqi political situation would face critical situation in the recent month.

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