Financial advisor to the Iraqi Finance Minister Arrested



The office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Finance issued a statement on Sunday that we have encountered integrity problems.

The court has thrown down the former director general of Iraqi Central Bank and current financial adviser to the Iraqi Finance Minister. The court locked up the financial adviser to the Iraqi Finance Minister for two years. Today, the inspector general office issued a press statement that integrity issues have been discovered and the court has punished for two years to the financial adviser of the Iraqi Finance Minister and the former director general of the Central Bank of Iraq. He further added that decision was taken by the office of inspector general of Iraqi Finance Ministry after administrative investigation against the violations in the development in the contract with Rafidain Bank in the process to buy cameras.

He also added that purchasing of these cameras was the process of per tender and it was not referred to the style of tenders and purchased materials with much higher prices compared with the market price. The Transparency International also indicated in its annual report that Iraq, Burma and Sudan are being placed on the third number regarding the corruption in the world. Somalia and Afghanistan have been considered at first place in its report. This report also pointed out that a number of countries are experiencing heavy internal clashes in the form of corruption with the low level of controls. The massive increase of corruption for a number of Iraqi natural resources is being looted with the lack of law and security. It is confirmed that the Transparency International issued an annual report in the year 2006 and indicated Iraq, Burma and Haiti at the first place with the most corrupt countries in the world.

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