Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia threatened the United States


The New York Times indicated that Saudi Arabia threatened the President of United States and Washington administration to sell the assets of United Kingdom in the United States.

The amount is estimated at more than 750 billion U.S dollars. Source indicated that Saudi Arabia has planned to sell its assets after the approval of a draft by the U.S congress regarding the Saudi administration in the involvement of terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001 in the United States. The newspaper pointed out that this recent threat declared by the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Al-Jubeir last month during his visit in Washington. The source confirmed that Saudi government is looking to sell its assets due to the security and expected risk of freezing the Saudi assets worth more than 750 billion U.S dollars by the U.S court.

relations between U.S and Saudia

The newspaper added that the White House administration activated negotiations with the U.S congress and the U.S administration is trying to convince the members of the U.S congress to reject the draft law because it would reflect negative impact on the U.S diplomatic and economical condition. The former U.S Senator Bob Grihim was the member of investigation team of 9/ 11 attacks in the United States. He announced that White House administration should take a decision within 60 days to disclose the secret documents regarding the investigation the terrorist attacks in the United States on 9/ 11. Another U.S Senator Kirsten Gelibrand said that the U.S administration should disclose the secret documents because it is related to the U.S security.

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