Former defense candidate talking about the “fall of Mosul” and “massacre Spyker”


The former candidate of the Ministry of Defense retired Major General Hesham al-Daraji on Thursday, that the fall of the city of Mosul, but the organization is urging in 2014 is not related to the vacancy of the post of defense minister at the time.

Al-Daraji said in a televised interview that “many problems existed in the army before the year 2014, including large administrative and financial corruption, the lack of competence of some commanders and commanders of their sites, weakness in the intelligence and training systems, and the mistreatment of the people by some elements of the army, And weak morale, “noting that” all these factors contributed to the fall of Mosul.”

Al-Darraji added that “the vacancy of the position of minister has nothing to do with the fall of Mosul, in addition to Saadoun al-Dulaimi was the Minister of Defense Agency,” pointing out that “the morale of the army is now very high, and it achieves outstanding results against the enemy Da’ashi brutal.”

“I did not hear the presence of an officer ordered his soldiers to lay down their weapons and leave their camp in civilian clothes, which caused the massacre of Spyker,” adding that “the professional officer and the craftsman does not order his soldiers at all.”

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