France is determine to Fight against ISIS


France is facing terrorist attacks for last couple of months by ISIS, the number one terrorist organization of the world. Few months ago, a deadly attack on Paris was conducted by terrorist from ISIS in the five different areas of city. It was a time when Paris was completely blocked and it was paralyzed in the real sense.

More than 150 people in these attacks were killed and hundreds of injured badly. At least 10 gunmen attacked Paris on different places and killed people mercy less. It was a black day for Paris that ruined the life of many people.

Yesterday, a terrorist slammed more than 80 people under a truck in Nice City of France. Looking this terror attack, the security agencies of France have changed their strategies against ISIS. They are come to know that a terrorist can kill the people without using any weapon or suicide bomb. The truck driver was a Muslim and the terrorist of ISIS. It is completely different style of terror ever in the history by any terrorist organization of the world. Security forces of France killed the driver in the truck but he killed more than 80 people who were gathered in Nice for National Day Celebrations.

The Prime Minister of France considered it a coward attempt from a terrorist organization that killed innocent people in the city. Some media reports indicate that terrorist had a gun and a grenade in the truck but police deny this report. According to police, the truck driver had nothing in his hands and he was not firing with his gun. The witnesses say the driver was nervous but he wanted to slam more and more people.

Frace to Fight against ISIS

After looking the present security situation of the country, the leadership of France decided to take part in war against ISIS within Iraq. The president of France announced today that France will send troops in Iraq to fight against ISIS in Iraq. Moreover, the country will launch air attacks on ISIS in Iraq with the coordination with US Air Forces. The security experts believe it is an alarming situation for France that its secure and safe cities are under attack by militants. France remained under attack by Islamic militants in 2015 as well against the Charlie hebdo for printing cartoonist sketches of Islam and its noble personalities.

France should also consider the black sheep in its country to understand the root cause of terrorism in the country. The country should not allow hurting the feelings of any religion at any cost to avoid any frustrating situation in the country. However, it is free to take its own decisions to ensure the peace in the country.

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