Fresh Thrust of Kurd Army on ISIS to Retake Mosul


Kurd Peshmerga is advancing towards Mosul to regain its control from ISIS militants. The operation is in its full swing and ISIS is being attacked by Peshmerga from Northern border, Iraq government controlled security forces from South East border and coalition forces from air. This is the situation of grand operation launched against ISIS militants in Iraq to retake the final city of Mosul from the control of terrorists.

The operation started with the heavy shelling and air strikes from coalition forces in the nearby villages of the Mosul. The Kurdish forces are fighting against ISIS 30 km south to the Mosul. They are backed by coalition forces led by United States of America. According to Kurdistan security forces more than 10 villages are retaken from ISIS militants and they are sent back by the security forces.

Number of them has been killed and several injured. The security forces of Kurdistan are in Gwer and continually advancing towards city of Mosul. Despite of all efforts and air support by coalition forces, the progress towards city is too slow. The security forces are facing a strict resistance from militants. The militants are attacking the Kurd forces by car bombs and suicide attacks. The ISIS put a very recent statement about these attacks on their online media platforms.

Kurd Army

According to ISIS, they have killed many of Kurd security forces soldiers and they are not allowing them to march towards city. Contrary to this, the security forces of Kurdistan said none of soldier killed or even injured in their attacks. The security forces are fighting with the perfect war equipments and not allowing militants to damage the operation strategy. The commander said the Kurd TV camera man was killed in such attacks and another journalist is injured because of such attacks.

He further said the security forces have provided a guidance and limitation for journalists to avoid any damage but most of journalists don’t accept the warnings of security forces. As a result they have to face heavy losses.  The commander said this is their last blow and they expect a new Kurdistan after this war. He said this is our final war against ISIS and they will definitely win it for their new generations living in the country. They want to pass a peaceful Kurdistan and Iraq to the next generation.

Therefore they are ready to give their blood to achieve their goal. He further said the progress is slow because of the slow advancement of Iraq forces from south. The operation will be fast as they receive green signal from security forces of Iraq. He said people of Kurdistan are eying on us and we will not disappoint them.

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