Frozen Funds Abroad can Provide Help for Iraqi Economy


Millions of Dollars Looted

A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan issued a statement on Thursday that there is a large amount of frozen funds abroad.

These Iraqi assets can provide a handsome support for the Iraqi economy. He asserted that Iraqi executive body and concerning authorities are responsible for breakdown the legal actions against the corrupt people who washed out and smuggled public money. He also said in his press statement that the executive branch is accountable for this situation that is being experienced by the country. Currently, the Iraqi government is facing shortage of money but these frozen funds or assets can provide help to stabilize Iraqi economy.

He added that executive branch should take immediate steps to bring back Iraqi looted money and take powerful legal actions against the corrupt people. The Iraqi government should bring corrupt people for judicial trial, get back looted money and put them behind the bars. He further added that should demand its rights from United Nations and International Organizations. He said that Iraq can bring back its frozen funds abroad and didn’t find any kind of major problem. He added that this money would provide a handsome support for Iraqi treasury and Iraqi people would get benefit from it.

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