G-7 Countries will provide $3.6 billion to Iraq


A handsome support for Iraq has been confirmed by the leaders of seven top industrial nations in the world in order to overcome the financial issues and expenses in the fight against terrorism.

The G-7 leaders issued a joint press statement just after one day after summit. The summit was held for two days in Japanese city Shima and they showed their commitment for the unity of Iraq and its territorial sovereignty. They also confirm they support for Kurdish region in order to overcome the financial problems. It was also said that the leaders of G-7 countries to declare that they are well committed to the continuous support for our sovereignty, unity and Iraqi territorial integrity. Also support the Iraqi government in the efforts for implementing administrative, economic and political reforms.

G Seven countries

The statement further indicated that G- 7 will be mobilized in order to provide at least 3.6 billion U.S dollars for bilateral support and various other types of financial help from the international financial institutions. These were some of the major topics discussed at the G-7 summit. They also discussed about the rising danger of terrorism and terrorist attacks in the entire world. All leaders confirmed that it is essential for the international community to show their unity and powerful support against the fight against global terrorism. He admired the anti-terrorism efforts reflected more positive results bilaterally, regionally and globally. He stressed that G-7 leaders should continue in working together in order to stop supply for the terrorism equipment or terrorist activity related materials.

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