General Amnesty Law is Ready for Voting, not protecting War Criminals: Al-Jubouri


On Saturday, the Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Human Rights Commission Arshad Salhi stressed that new general amnesty law will be implemented very soon and it would not protect those criminals that are involved in killing Iraqi people or any kind of violence.

Salhi further added in a press statement that Human Rights Commission has aggressively participated in order to develop essential amendments in the general amnesty law forwarded by the Iraqi government in conferment with the standards of human rights to provide a chance for all Iraqis to be integrated into society. Point to be noted that current situation in the country need a perfect communicative reconciliation.

Arshad Salhi further said that Commission has added its recommendations on the new amnesty law to the Head of Council of Representatives and to the leaders of Iraqi political blocs, and it will be presented in the Iraqi parliament for approval and voting on it. The Vice President of Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee Mohsin Al-Sasoun also issued a press statement that it has been considered the final discussion on the draft of new amnesty law. He pointed out that this new law includes a large number of criminal and war prisoners. Most of the criminals are involved in murder, but there was a work for reconciliation with the prisoners. It doesn’t include those criminals that are involved according to the Article 4, which is dedicated to terrorism. The head of Iraqi Parliament confirmed that bill is ready for voting.

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