Germany to Resume Weapon Supply Agreement with Kurdistan


Deutsch Welle reported that the agreement between Germany and Kurdistan for the supply of weapon has been resumed today. The contract was cancelled by German government for illegal sale of the weapon in the black market. Many of the supplied guns and rifles were found in the black market by the intelligence sources. After looking at the situation the government of Germany cancelled the contract and asked Kurdistan to provide guarantee of the protection of the supplied weapon.

The contract remained cancel for six months. The last shipment that Kurdistan received was in January and the then supply was cancelled. In the last six months Kurdistan regional government took essential steps to protect his military weapon. It also arrested some army officials that were involved in such matter.

When the government of Kurdistan regional government took serous actions against responsible people and took essential measures to avoid this happening in the future, the Germany decided to resume the agreement again. Germany will ship 1500 rifles, 3 armed vehicles 1 million rounds and hundred Milan Guided Missiles as new shipment to the Kurdistan Regional Government. Milan guided missile system is the most advanced technology in the weapon to target the tanks and other armed vehicles. The Milan Guided Missile System is especially provided to fight against the tanks of ISIS in the recent fight in the Mosul. DW believes Kurdistan only win this war with the latest weapons they have against ISIS.

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ISIS has some of the most advanced military weapons in the world using against Iraq security forces and Kurdistan Peshmerga. The shipment will be delivered to the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan on the user end obligation. The contract of the supply of the weapon will not be resumed if Kurdistan regional Government showed negligence at this time. The DW has warned Kurdistan Regional Government clearly.

The Kurdistan officials said in their press release that Kurdistan regional government is receiving military supply from Germany since 2014 and event like that never happened before. They have designed a perfect system to control the weapon and its usage in the country. By the introduction of modern system, the chances of theft and corruption are almost zero. The officials further said the Kurdistan regional government has bought more than 2000 tons of weapons from Germany in continuous intervals. The issue first revealed by the Kurdistan media itself when they found weapon in the black market.

Kurdistan regional government took immediate action against such sellers but it was not enough for German Government to satisfy at a very sensitive matter. Therefore the deal was cancelled in January 2016 and resumed in August 2016 on complete satisfaction.

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