Governor of Baghdad thanks the people of Husseiniya for peaceful demonstrations


Governor Atwan al-Atwani described the demonstrations of the Husseiniya people as constructive because they only tolerated legitimate demands and their commitment to peacefulism.

Al-Atwani said in a statement issued by his office that “Al-Atwani has been in contact with the competent government authorities for two days to see the suffering of the people of Husseiniya.”

The statement added Baghdad that “the government of Al-Atwani has already achieved important steps in the rehabilitation of this damaged justice was obtained by the exception of draft Al-Husseiniya streams of the decision of the Council of Ministers to stop it with four other projects.”

He added that “the governor moved personally to the Prime Minister and the Ministries of Planning and Finance to approve the service plan in most areas of the outskirts of the capital, including the Husseinieh district and got the preliminary approvals and is now being studied by the relevant committees will be immediately after the completion of this study.”

“We thank the demonstrators for their commitment to the peaceful demonstrations and to the security forces that provided them with protection,” the governor said.

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