Haider Al Abadi is Doing a Good Job and Should Continue His Work: Iraqi President


Iraqi Presdent Fuad Masum

On Sunday, the President of Iraq Fuad Masum has confirmed that Congress is no more exist and he said that after successful voting on the Haider Al Abadi’s first reforms package by the House of Representatives, he don’t has deputies.

He pointed out that there are many who gave me suggestion to interfere after originating the first reforms package by Al Abadi. This first reforms package includes the termination of Vice President Post.

Some suggested that I should interfere because Haider Al Abadi prepared reforms package with consulting me and he violated the constitution, but I think that Iraqi House of the Representatives has voted successfully on the reforms package and my interference would be unconstitutional because the Iraqi Parliament is the Supreme authority and I must accept the decisions of the Iraqi House of Representatives.

He also pointed out that Salaries of Vice Presidents has been stopped since the implementation of the first reforms package but the salaries of the office staff will be delivered to them till the final decisions on the files of employees. He further added that affected people by this reforms package have just one option and they can appeal in the Iraqi Federal Court against the decision made according to the Abadi’s reforms package, which was approved by the House of Representatives.

Fuad Masum further added that replacement of the current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is considered a most difficult issue, but this issued much affected the Iraqi Prime Minister’s performance but he must focus for the betterment in the country because he has a handsome support of the Iraqi Parliament.

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