Hakim from Kuwait: the future of Iraq will surprise everyone and Iran wants dialogue with neighboring countries


Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Alliance, said Iraq would “surprise” his Arab brothers with his future. He is very definite about the bright future of Iraq and other Arabs nation.

This came in the speech of the wise in the Kuwaiti Journalists Association on Tuesday, in which he indicated that the Iraqis are in a state of unity in the face of terrorism, stressing the need for Iraq to a comprehensive dialogue.

The Kuwaiti visit comes to discuss the bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait, which despite all efforts are still below the level of ambition and to inform the Kuwaiti leadership on efforts to combat terrorism and military operations, especially in Nineveh.

As for Iraq’s regional and international relations, Ammar al-Hakim stressed Iraq’s openness to Egypt because of its role in deepening relations. He called on Egypt to take its leadership roles, pointing out that Iraq has close relations with Iran.


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