Hanan al-Fatlawi became the most controversial among Iraqi politicians


With the intensification of the conflict and the differences between the political parties, ahead of the next elections, we find that the Iraqis have become good readers of the political situation in the country, and the most prominent MPs who sparked controversy in the Iraqi street is the character of Hanan al-Fatlawi, which mixed the contradiction.

Al-Fathlawi is a supporter as well as a rejecter

On the one hand, it impresses the Iraqis with their ability to divide the ranks of women working in public affairs and politics to the forefront, and not only to the “crumbs” of the role that the political bloc is willing to play. Parliament, in addition to being investing media well for the strength of its relationship with the heads of blocs, if it invests everything to feed its audience and movement “will.”

On the other hand, Fatlawi presented the worst in this situation, from the obsession of the “opposition” and the willingness to lie, the manipulation of the facts, the lack of decency and modesty in addressing the podiums, ideas and projects, the fall in defamation and defamation and the misinformation of misinformation, Jafsa “, while others called it” parliamentary cake “.

Al-Fathlawi goes through a healthy diet in this regard

Sources familiar with the “Sky Press”, the reason for the departure of Al-Fatlawi from her remarks “resonance” on television recently is the passage of a health problem and performed surgery, which pushed them to bed and stay away from tension and emotion.

Al-Fathlawi raises questions

After a dispute between them and al-Maliki increased questions about who funds the movement of will of the Fatahawi, after the weights indicate that Maliki was the biggest contributor to support the movement, but today where to Ftlawi all these amounts to fund its movement.

Fatlawi remains the most controversial female parliamentarian despite being a member of the Baath party and running a party ring in the women’s division of Babil province.


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