Hezbollah to Propose the Possible Outcome of Iraq & Syria Civil War


The involvement of Hezbollah was several times reported by US security forces in Syria and Iraq. Now this involvement is not hidden from anyone in the world. Hezbollah fighters are fighting in the region for last 3 years as far as experts are concerned. Being Shiite Muslim terrorist organization, the Hezbollah is always ready to fight against Sunni terror organization ISIS alliance with Syrian government.

The Hezbollah is the big supporter of Bashaar Al Asad government and fighting in the Syria against militants making alliance with Syrian government controlled forces. They involvement of this terror organization against other terror organization is also seen in Iraq. It is said that the Iran funded Shiite militants that are fighting against ISIS in Iraq are Hezbollah in real.

Uno has declared Hezbollah as terrorist organization operating in Lebanon. Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy leader of Hezbollah said he and his organization has an outcome for the sectarian war in Iraq and Syria. They are ready to play their role to resolve this matter in the favor of common people in Iraq and Syria. He said the sectarian war in Iraq cannot be stopped or win in the present method. He said no one can defeat each other in this war. Therefore; a mid way is suggested for this civil war.

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He said Ira should be divided into two parts with the negotiation. It can possible if both of the parties are ready. He also opposed the role of coalition forces under the leadership of US forces in the region. He said United States is just looking for its own benefits in the region and it has no concern with the solution. He said US forces are in the region to sell their weapon in the different countries after starting the war. He said the world will have to understand this policy and discourage US forces to enter in the region. They should also ask coalition forces to leave the area as they are making the conflict more serious than ever before.

On the other hand, the ISIS will not accept the proposal of Hezbollah. They are looking to occupy the whole region including Syria. They are expecting their rule in Syria and Iraq in next few years. In this situation the proposal is just like to accept the defeat against ISIS.

There is no guarantee that they will not attack the other countries of the world after they are relaxed and winning the half part of Iraq. Moreover, the government of Iraq will never accept this proposal because they are about to defeat ISIS from Iraq especially when they are escaping in the nearby countries to save their lives.

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