Hydrogen Bomb Experiment by North Korea on Wednesday


North Korean leader

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared on Sunday that he himself witnessed the outstanding, productive and successful experiment of most disastrous hydrogen bomb.

The North Korean state television broadcast this news and confirmed that this experiment was took place peacefully and the aim was to strengthen the strategic power of North Korea. The North Korean TV further said that Pyongyang would not stop or decrease its abilities of nuclear power without call of the aggressive policies of the United States.

North Korean TV said that Pyongyang would continue to improve its nuclear possibilities and our nuclear capabilities will not be transferred to any country in the world. He said that Pyongyang will perform its responsibility to secure nuclear weapons in order to avoid misuse nuclear technology, but our nuclear improvement would enable us to defend our country. On Wednesday, the North Korean television announced that at the time of experiment, an earthquake magnitude was monitored which was 5.1 on the Richter scale near North Korean nuclear test site. It is important that UN Security Council has decided to call a meeting against the recent experiment of North Korea and its global impact.

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