Important meeting between Al-Jubouri & the U.S delegation


The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri met with the delegation of the U.S Congress on Tuesday. The delegation was briefed by Al-Jubouri confirmed the will power of the authority of Iraqi Parliament to provide feasible conditions to continue meetings of the Council at priority level.

His office issued a press statement that the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament met with the U.S delegation headed by the U.S Senator Marc Rubio in the presence of the U.S ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones. The delegation emphasized on the importance of conserving the stability in Iraq during the meeting. They added that current Iraqi political situation would shake the freedom activities which would reflect negative impact in the entire region and it would also disturb the operations to eliminate Daash organization from Iraq.

Al-Jubouri met with Senator

The statement indicated that Al-Jubouri stressed on the determination of providing the corruption free and efficient cabinet of ministers and the Iraqi Council of Representatives will start meetings to finalize this issue as soon as possible. He added that Council is also providing an advisory role in law making to fix this issue. He also pointed out that current internal Iraqi condition needs to get more powerful support from the international community. He added that we are looking to get more support from major countries to help our political process in order to overcome political crisis in the country.

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