Important meeting between Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Pope Francis


The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayyeb managed a historic meeting on Monday with Pope Francis in order to continue his mission for advancement of Islamic thought and pleading for scholarship against jihadist idealism.

Ahmed Al-Tayyeb was appointed in the year 2010 by the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak because he was a senior member of the National Democratic Party and considered the perfect man for this post in the state. His great efforts secured the rights of Al-Azhar to elect their own head instead of appointment by the President of the state. The Egyptian army chief Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi demolished the Islamist president Muhammad Morsi in 2013. Al-Tayyeb worked very hard to maintain an independent role for Al-Azhar.

Al Azhar Imam

Point to be noted that Coptic Orthodox Church, opposition leaders in the country and Al-Tayyeb supported the overthrow of Morsi government. It generated a bloody crackdown against Islamic protesters and hundreds of protesters were killed in those incidents. He tried to maintain Muslim Brotherhood to prevent more bloodshed in the country. The current Egyptian President Al-Sisi has forced Al-Azhar to bring Modernize Islamic thoughts. The current meeting of Al-Tayyeb with Pope Francis has been considered a part of the process towards the Modernize Islamic thoughts. But, most of the Islamic scholars in the world believe that Islamic culture and thoughts have their own importance and those thoughts can’t be merged with fake modernization.

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