Important meeting between Iraqi President and Sheikh Ahmed in Cairo


On Tuesday, the Iraqi President Fuad Masum met with Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayyab in Cairo. He stressed during the meeting on the importance of continuous dialogue with Muslim religious authorities.

The office of the Iraqi presidency issued a statement that Iraqi President Fuad Masum met with Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayyab in Al-Azhar University, Cairo. He stressed the importance of making energetic struggles in order to keep patience, justice and human principles recommended by our religion. He admired the role of Al-Azhar University in distribution the spirit of kindness and rejection of terrorism and extremism in the society.

He also pointed out that there should be continuation of serious dialogue and arrangement of continuous meetings between top religious leaders and blocs. The President of Iraqi Republic further said that distribution of peace concepts and love among different communities and religions has its own importance. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayyab has confirmed his support in the development of peace, love and patience among different communities and culture. He also expressed his best wishes for the development in the relations with Iraq.

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