Important Meeting between PM Haider Al Abadi & Saleem Al Juhouri



The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi arranged a meeting with Saleem Al Jubouri the Chairman of the House of Representatives. He stressed to continue the governmental reforms process in many government sectors.

He also said that it is most important to maintain the motion for the achievements of targets in Baiji and Anbar and we should support our military forces fighting in different parts in the country to maintain peace in the country and to get back Iraqi land.

Both sides stressed for a hard work between law-making and decision-making branches in order to finalize the projects in the best interest of Iraqi citizens and continuous reform compactness in all the economic, security, political and other sectors. He further said in his statement that major law-making and decision-making branches should work together. He stressed on the magnitude of unifying media debate in facing new challenges currently experiencing the country and approval of the financial budget for the year 2016.

He also said that decrease in the expenses is much necessary because Iraq is facing financial crisis and the major factor is considered the shortage of revenue due to a continuous downfall in the global oil prices. He emphasized during meeting on the issue of corruption and fight against corruption in administrative and financial institutions and bring back looted money which was smuggled in various countries. He also discussed on the matter of displaced families and stressed to facilitate them in the country.

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