Important meeting held by the Council of Ministers


The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Minister have discussed about the process of development and the time-frame regarding the implementation of the powerful government.

A press statement issued by the General Secretariat, the statement indicated that the Director of the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mehdi issued a briefing in the weekly meeting session of the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers also discussed some major issues including the importance of activating the Powerful Iraqi government.

Iraqi Council of Ministers

The Iraqi Council of Ministers also set a time-frame about the implementation of the major and subject oriented programs. The statement further indicated that various other major topics were discussed in this meeting including the implementation of the study in order to reduce the expenses to move the Iraqi economy and perfect allocation of governmental funds. It was also said that better allocation of the funds and reduction in the expenses would provide great support for Iraqi government to maintain their budget and the issuance of payable amount to the local and foreign contractor. It would also empower the Iraqi financial institutions.

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