Important Secret Meeting between Saudi King & Egyptian President


On Monday, our authentic source confirmed that a secret meeting took place between the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi and the Saudi King Suleiman Bin Abdul Aziz in Cairo.

The source informed that Saudi King Suleiman Bin Abdul Aziz arrived in Cairo and he is on five days visit to Egypt. He added that Saudi King met with the President of Egypt in Cairo, he also met with Sheikh Salman of Al-Azhar and delivered a heavy money support in order to renovate the building of Al-Azhar and for the development by adding more sections. The source confirmed that it is indicating the rebuilding process of intellective relationships between the religious schools in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian president met with Saudi King

The source further added that this cooperation would result in motivation and spread the Wahhbism in the region. Point to be noted that King Suleiman was honored as the honorary king of Saudi Arabia in the testimony at Al-Azhar. The Egyptian media stated that Saudi King arrived in Cairo and met with the Egyptian President in order to deal ways for Egyptian airlines of islands and Sanafir from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. He added that there are a number of other major tasks in the visit of Saudi King. The source added that a secret agreement is expected between both countries because Saudi Arabia is motivating Egypt to participate in the war against terrorism, specifically in Iraq and Syria.

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