Imusti International Reported 18000 Deaths in Syrian Jails in Four Years


According to Imusti International the human rights organization of the world reported that 18000 people are killed in the Syrian Jails by the torture and raps of the women. The human rights organization considered the government jails the well of the deaths for the prisoners. The above reported figure was the calculation from 2011 to 2015. The exact figure for 2016 is unavailable because of ban on human rights organizations to access the Asad’s Jail in different cities of Syria.

The organization claims that interviews include the people who were directly tortured in the cells by Syrian soldiers. The organization said it interviewed hundreds of people including 65 people who were tortured by forces in the jail. The people tell the horrible stories of torture and raps in the torture cells of Syrian jails.

The report indicates that 17723 prisoners were killed in the five years in Syria in the rule of Bashaar Al Asad. If we further calculate this figure, we analyze 10 people were killed in a day and 300 in every month. The organization further reported that a welcome party is also famous in the jail. In the welcome party the jail police torture badly to the every new arrival in the jail and it become worst for the women especially. More than 90% women were raped during this period and tortured badly.


One prisoner named as Samar said they were not treated as human. They had to bear the inhuman behavior on daily basis. Ziyad another prisoner said some kind of gas was leaked in our rooms and seven prisoners died on spot. We were half dead and they were kicking us to know whether we are dead or alive. It was a painful time Ziyad added.

The director of Imusti International the Flip Lother said Syria has become a state of war crimes and world need to ask question about inhuman behavior with the people in this country. The Asad administration is responsible for the killing of men, women and children in Syria. The director further said America and Russia is coalition partner in Syria in the war against ISIS. They need to ask the ground realities and the questions about inhuman treatment if any.

The situation in Syria and Iraq is continually becoming alarming for the world. We are looking some new and unexpected alliance in different countries on Middle East.Everyone is looking for its own future in the region but no one is there who could see or feel the pains of Syrian. The world needs to see Syria with the human eye at least one time to suggest a solution for the conflict.

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