International Loan will not affect Iraqi Citizens: Muhammad Saleh confirmed


The Adviser of Economic Affairs to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that the loan of IMF would not affect the ration card for Iraqi people.

He added that Iraq is getting loan in order to cover the budget deficit problem and to support Iraqi economy. He issued a press statement on Monday and said that there is a progressive work in the preparation of credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund in getting the soft loan for Iraq. He further added that the agreement between Iraq and the IMF will open new doors in Iraq in cooperation with the World Bank and the top industrialized countries in order to allow Iraq to repay its debts.

M Saleh

He also confirmed that this agreement would not affect the ration card because Iraq is experiencing critical poverty rate issue estimated at 23 percent. He added that this rate increased significantly by adding at least four million displaced people in this poverty level. So, Iraqi government had decided to get loans in order to cover the budget deficit problem and to support Iraqi economy. He confirmed that the IMF will not disturb Iraqi institutions and social affairs, health and education including the issue of displaced people due to they directly affect the lives of Iraqi citizens. He denied that this loan will be given to Iraq against the export revenues of Iraqi oil. He said that all oil related issues are being audited by the International auditing firms in order to measure the export volume.

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