Investigation for Corruption Files of Maliki has Stopped



The tribunals in Rusafa and Karakh have stopped investigation of four files against former Iraqi Prime Minster Nuri Al Maliki.

It is also said that the Iraqi Criminal Court has also stopped the cases about the allegation of fall of Mosul and giving Mosul in the hands of Islamic State and Daash organization, killings in sectarian war in Anbar, Nineveh and Kirkuk. The former prime minister was allegedly involved in the administrative and financial corruption during the arms deals with Ukrain, Iran and Russia.

The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council has refused to continue investigation against Nuri Al Maliki that caused stoppage in the judicial proceedings. The Iraqi Parliamentary political blocs are silent and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is avoiding giving any kinds of comments or answers for the questions of reporters regarding this situation. The news said that Iraqi political situation would take a new turn in next couple of days.

Our authentic source from the judicial sources informed that there was a hidden agreement to stop investigation operation against Nuri Al Maliki. It is important that three well-known judges have been retired forcefully when they rejected to obey the instructions of the Iraqi government and Iraqi Parliament. There are a number of conflicting news regarding this issue, one of them said that Nuri Al Maliki threatened his partners that he will disclose their files too if they are not stopping his trial.

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