Investing in Iraqi Dinar a Wise Investment?


In the first attempt you need to understand the Iraqi dinar investment. People have made it so complicated and mysterious because of several talks and optimum discussion. In fact investing in Iraqi dinar is just like making investment in any other currency in the world. It is a common rule that you buy a currency when it is at its lowest price and you sell the currency when it is at its peak in the market.

You pay for Iraqi dinar in the form of dollars and invest in the currency. If making investment is just like investing in any other currency in the world so why there are so many talks and different forums on it? Iraqi dinar investment is so controversial and people want to know should they invest in Iraqi dinar or not? These are the questions that make it so controversial and so attractive as well. This article is the answer of all possible questions about dinar and its investment.

Investment in Iraqi Dinar is Scam?


The first question that often people want to ask is about its possibility of scam. People want to know whether investing in Iraqi dinar is a good investment of just a scam. Different people have different views about Iraqi dinar and its investment. Some believe that Iraqi dinar is just a scam and other believes it as real time future and retirement investment. The people in the favor of Iraqi dinar investment believe that investment in Iraqi dinar can make them millionaire in a very short period of time. Contrary to all these views and prospective, the financial institute have different story to tell. There are following some of the most important parameters to declare an investment as scam or not. You must read them and understand whether it is happening with Iraqi dinar or not.

  • The investment is considered as scam if it is promoted or run by the unknown agents who always hide their identity.
  • The investment is also considered as scam if the big financial institutes don’t take interest in investing such business opportunities. You need to know that big financial institutes and firms are always in the hunt for profitable investment opportunities. If an investment opportunity does not attract them that means something is wrong with the opportunity.
  • If an investment opportunity does not have an open market and it is only promoted secretly via email, telemarketing or the websites, it is always considered as risky investment opportunity. The unofficial promotions of such opportunities make them more doubtful for rational people to invest.
  • The investment is also considered as scam when all of its transactions are occur in the streets with the agents. You see too many fluctuation and variation in the rates of investment and in the expected return on investment. All of these things make an investment scam or unfit to invest your capital. You need to consider all of these factors while making investment in any of the investment opportunity available in the market.

If we are interested in making investment in Iraqi dinar, we will have to see all those things accordingly to take final decision. Let’s analyze the Iraqi dinar on different parameters.

Iraqi Dinar Investment in above discussed Parameters:

  • The international banks and reputed financial institutes often abstain in dealing in Iraqi dinar on the Forex and other financial forums.
  • A number state in United States of America has issued a warning against investment in Iraqi dinar. The warning was issued because of increasing interest of the people in buying and selling Iraqi dinar unofficially.
  • Bidding on Iraqi dinar is so common and on its optimum stage. Moreover the bidding is done on private basis and no governmental entity in involved in the bidding or its arrangements.
  • The impractical facts below showing that Iraqi dinar are the safe and rational investment in the world.

Forex Basics and Facts about Iraqi Dinar Investment


As far as the bigger financial institutions and banks are concerned, they love to trade through stronger currencies with the better return on investment. The government of Iraq is trying its best to enhance value of its currency in the international market so that it could trade in its local currency. Some Asian banks and governments offered Iraq to trade in the local currencies so that they could minimize the monopoly of dollar in the financial market in the world. Unfortunately, the government of Iraq is totally dependent on United States of America and therefore it cannot take this step instantly.

On the other hand, Iran is trying to enhance its influence in the region to increase volume of trade with Iraq. The relationship between Iraq and Iran is an alarming situation for United States of America. Russians are also busy in Middle East against United States of America and trying to increase their relationships with the Iran, Iraq and Syria.

The fastest changing political situation of Middle East can change the state actors in the region. It will impact the economical situation of Iraq and Iran as well. They are hoping some dramatic good changes in the region with the passage of time. As far as the warnings are concerned in United States of America, you need to know that the biggest investor in Iraqi Dinar is America and its people. Most of Americans are big investors in Iraqi dinar in the world. Some of its banks and financial institutes are also big investor of Iraqi dinar.

The warning was issued when most of Americans started frauds in the country by looting their money for investing in Iraqi dinar. Looking at the situation, the government of United States issued warning against investing in Iraqi dinar. You will be surprised to know that most of big investors of Iraqi dinar are American Soldiers and most of them are at high rank in the US Army. If Iraqi dinar is a scam investment why US Army Officials are investing in Iraqi dinar and their investment is increasing with the every passing day? The dinar guru says that Iraqi dinar is one of the most powerful and profitable investments in the world and Americans know it very well.

Does Forex Support Iraqi Dinar Investment?


The Forex explains investment in Iraqi dinar very well. If one US dollar at the Forex is traded for 1160 Iraqi dinar and if you invest 1000 US Dollars in Iraqi dinar, you will get 1600,000 Iraqi dinars. After this investment, you will have to wait for Iraqi dinar to increase in the value against US Dollar. If Iraqi dinar increased its value against US dollar and it becomes par with the value of US dollar in the international money market, your dinars will be converted into US dollars. You will absolutely win the race if you have 1.6 million dollars in your bag. Hypothetically an investment of 1000 US dollars in Iraqi dinar can make you millionaire in days. Contrary to this, if your invested amount takes reverse gear and Iraqi dinar lost its value against Dollar to 2000 Iraqi dinar against one US dollar. In that situation you will have to bear loss of almost half of your investment in this currency.

What Does Present Situation Shows?


The economic conditions of Iraq will decide whether the value of Iraqi dinar will increase in the international market or not. If we analyze the present situation of Iraq economy, we realize that situation in Iraq is changing dramatically. The biggest problem for Iraq and its economy is ISIS militants. They were destroying the peace of Iraq with their activities in the country. Fortunately, the security forces of Iraq, Peshmerga of Kurdistan and coalition forces led by United States of America are taking part in the war against ISIS in the country. There was a time when ISIS was seen in every corner of Iraq and in every city of the country. The whole country was in the range of their target but now the situation is completely different. ISIS is limit to the Mosul city of Iraq and they are surrounded by security forces.

They are fighting for their lives only. Most of them are escaping in the nearby cities and their leadership is trying to escape in the Libya and Syria. New contracts are being signed and number of international companies is resuming their work in the country. The oil export that was almost lost in last couple of years is now at its peak. Iraq breached all of its recent records in the July 2016 for the export of crude oil in the international market. If you consider that Iraqi dinar will lose its value again in the international money market, this will be your false expectation. The economic conditions of Iraq are far better than before and it is becoming better with the passage of time. Now it is up to you to take decision whether to invest in Iraqi dinar or sit wait what happen in next few years.

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