Investment in Associated Gas Project would Support Iraqi Economy: Oil Ministry


A senior representative from Iraqi Oil Ministry Fayad Hassan blessed for the opening of Rumaila gas associated units that are processing more than 70 million standard cubic feet.

Fayad Hassan blessed in a press statement and said that the first stage of the process is related to the gas investment associated and it will be used for the establishment of these gas units. He added that Iraq has more potential in natural resources and we should take advantage from our natural resources. Our first priority is to get more benefits from production at Rumaila gas associated units, so supply of electric power at the generation of fuel gas stations is at the priority. He further added that the Iraqi Ministry of Oil is working to increase the numbers of gas processing units in the oil fields in order to avoid the wastage of this profitable and contributory energy to support the energy sector.

This precious energy would empower the petrochemical industry sector and overall economic sector in the country. The undersecretary for gas Hamid Younis also said that these processing units isolated with gas project has saved more than 50 percent associated gas, but it was entirely wasted in the previous productions. The Director of the Majnoon Oil Field Ahmed Attullah said that first stage of investment is associated with gas in collaboration with Shell International. It is essential to enhance the production of associated gas and decrease the ratio of burning and wastage. A spokesman of the Iraqi Oil Ministry Assem Jihad also said that ministry is working very hard with full potential in order to get more benefits by increasing the productivity and to provide support to public treasury. This project will open new ways to increase production and meet the target by exporting gas regionally and internationally.

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