Iran and Turkey threaten Iraq with “darkness”, “drought” and destruction of “agriculture”!


The Turkish “Gap” project to build 22 dams on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers will deprive Iraq of its water share, he said, pointing out those Iranian tunnels and dams have been destroyed. Agriculture in the Kurdistan Region.

The reports, which were seen by Sky Press, that “the invitations in the Kurdistan region of Iraq has been renewed to move to face the dangers of the establishment of Iran and Turkey, dams on the Tigris and Euphrates,” noting that these dams “will deprive Iraq of its legal share in the waters of the two rivers, Strong between Turkey and Iran on the share of water from the Euphrates River, without considering the great damage to the Iraqi state. ”

According to reports, “the warnings in the Kurdistan region of the dangers that beset the water wealth in the region due to the reduction of water quantities due to the dams of Iran, and the diversion of rivers and streams from neighboring countries, in addition to the absence of a clear strategy of the authorities in Kurdistan to secure the water of agriculture and Long-term”.

She stressed that “there are real risks threatening the Kurdistan region, lies in that most of the rivers and streams flowing in the region stems from neighboring countries, especially Turkey and Iran, which do not abide by the joint water agreements with the region, and are continuously drying the sources of water coming to the region.

The Turkish government has been working for years on a huge project called “Gap” project, which includes the construction of about 22 dams 14 of them on the Euphrates River and 8 on the Tigris River, which will have a significant impact on reducing the proportion of water entering Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

“Iran has also begun to build huge tunnels and irrigation projects to change the course of the Sirwan River, 70 percent of which comes from Iranian territory and pours into the Darbandikhan Lake in Sulaymaniyah province,” it said.

“The main threat to the region is the construction of dams in Iran and Turkey on most of the water sources flowing into its territory,” reports Akram Ahmed, director general of dams and water reservoirs in the Kurdistan region, adding that “Iran is building more than three dams and tunnels Large once the completion of the construction of the Kurdistan Region to the risk of drought.

In the same context, the authorities of the Kurdistan region fear that the construction of a dam in the Iranian city of Kermanshah drought of a large part of the River Sirwan, the main stream of the lake Darbandikhan, which provides the province of Sulaymaniyah and the administration of Karamian water and electric power.

Iraqi experts said that the completion of Daryan dam project in the Iranian province of Kermanshah in 2018 will cause the drought of a large part of the territory of the Kurdistan region of agriculture, and will lead to the creation of a major water crisis in the provinces of Halabja and Sulaymaniyah will be lost large tracts of agricultural land in Halabja and Sayed Sadiq and Darbandikhan, To the loss of the capacity of the Derbandikhan dam to produce electricity.

“After 2003, Iran diverted the flow of rivers and streams flowing into Iraq to remain within its territory, depriving Iraq of its water share. This caused the drying up of many of these rivers, including the Alawad River in Khanaqin and the depletion of the Derbendikhan and Dukan dams To the minimum extent, which resulted in the destruction of agricultural infrastructure, water and industrial. ”

“The water of the Shatt al-Arab is salty and contaminated, which has caused the loss of Basra and the cities of southern Iraq the most important source of potable water because water currently needs much more than Iraqi capabilities.”

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