Iran Immediately STOP interfering in Iraq: Saudi Foreign Minister


On Sunday, Saudi Arabia blamed Iran on planting disobedience and insurgency in pleading the Islamic republic of Iraq and Iran should stop interfering in the internal affairs of its neighbors.

It was also said by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair in a joint press statement in Jeddah with British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond that division and disobedience in Iraq which generated the sectarian policies. These policies were imposed as the Iranian policies in Iraq. He stressed that if Iran is really interested in the stability in Iraq then Iran should immediately stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq.

Saudi Foreign Minister

The Saudi Foreign Minister also blamed that Tehran is sending “Shiite Militias” in Iraq and destabilizing Iraq and putting Iraq into sectarian battle. He added that Iran should respect sovereignty of Iraq and follow the principles of good relations with neighbor countries. He stressed that Iran should focus on its own internal issues and problems, but not to interfere in the internal affairs in any of its neighbor country in the region, especially in the internal affairs of Iraq. He added that Iranian Shiite community is the arch rival of the Sunni-led Saudi Arabia. Point to be noted that Saudi Arabia is considered a traditional ally of the United States.

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