Iran refused to sign a memorandum with Saudi Arabia regarding Hajj


The Saudi Hajj ministry issued a statement that Riyadh offered a number of solutions to meet a set of demands presented by the Iranians in the two days talk. The agreement had been entered in some specific areas such as the issuance of electronic visas for Iranian pilgrims.

A joint press conference took place in Jeddah with the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir condemned the demands of Iran. Al-Jubeir said that Iran demanded the rights to organize the demonstrations and need privileges, it would create more troubles during Hajj and it is not acceptable. He pointed out that Riyadh annually signs a Hajj memorandum of understanding with all 70 countries in order to guarantee the safety and security of Hajj pilgrims, but Iran rejected to sign the memorandum of understanding.

Iran VS Saudi

He confirmed that this would be the first Hajj since last three decades that Hajj will take place without the participation of Iranian pilgrims. Point to be noted that Riyadh-Tehran relations were became severe in 1987 when at least 400 people were killed in Mecca after heavy clashes between Saudi Security forces and Iranian pilgrims. The relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran again severed in January 2016 when Saudi government Iranian protesters torched the embassy of Saudi Arabia. It is important that Iran has Shiite community and Saudi Arabia has Sunni community. Iran said on Sunday that its pilgrims will not be able to perform Hajj this year due to Saudi Arabia is putting obstacles and blocking Iranian Muslims. The Hajj Organization of Iran said that Saudi Arabia is neglecting the rights of Iranian Muslims to perform Hajj and blocking the path leading to Almighty ALLAH.

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