Iran reveals its position on the decision to separate Iraq’s Kurdistan


The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi said on Saturday that Iraqi Kurdistan is an integral part of Iraq, three days after the agreement of the Kurdish parties to organize a referendum on the independence of the region on September 25.

“The Kurdistan region is part of the federal Iraq, and the unilateral and far-reaching decisions that are part of the national and legitimate criteria, which are taking place in the current complex circumstances of Iraq and the region, and in light of the plans prepared by the enemies to continue destabilizing the situation in this country, Will lead to more problems and the worsening security situation in Iraq.” He added that “a unified Iraq, which enjoys stability and democracy is the guarantor of the rights of all Iraqis,” stressing that Kurdistan is an integral part of the Iraqi territory and Iran supports the unity of Iraq.

“We condemn the terrorist attacks that hit Karbala and Babil in Iraq, which led to the deaths of innocent people,” Qasimi said, stressing that Iran is determined to stand up to terrorism in cooperation with the countries and peoples of the region.

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