Iran started the recruitment process for the war against Kurdistan


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has started to register and volunteer to fight against Kurdish Peshmerga forces if the Kurdistan region decides to secede from Iraq during a referendum on September 25.

“In recent days, the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ Basij forces, in the province of Kurdistan in western Iran, have begun to open the door to volunteering to go to the areas where the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are located,” said Kurdish journalist Azad Mustovi, quoting Kurdish sources in the Iranian province of Kurdistan. For the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. ”

The sources pointed out that “the Basij forces in the province of Iranian Kurdistan rejected these calls,” asserting that they “are ready to fight a preacher and not the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq,” noting that “the regime in Iran will work with every effort to thwart and prevent the Kurds from the report Their natural right to hold a referendum on separation from Iraq. ”

The commander of the General Staff of the Iranian armed forces, Major General Mohammad Hussein Baqri, said yesterday, “The talk about the independence of the Kurdistan region after the defeat directly Bdash is not normal, and is absolutely unacceptable by Iraq’s neighbors.”

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