Iraq is not safe for the Teenagers who dressed differently


Iraq was never being safe for the people dressed differently roaming on the roads of city. There was a time when these young guys were attacked openly in the city by conservative people even on the roads. They were considered to be the source of vulgar in the society.

You cannot expect a teenager wear different kind of dress like tight black jeans, red t-shirt with the different long hair style, wearing chain in neck and on wrist and roaming in the streets of Baghdad. Some people in Baghdad are seen in the streets of Baghdad wearing different types of clothes with red lipstick. Europe is filled with the emos as known in the society but expecting emos in Iraq where religion is stiffly followed by habitant is so surprising.

Nawras is a teenage school going boy who is emo in Baghdad and wear tight skinny jeans with dark shirts and red lipstick on the lips. When he was asked about his different style of dress, Nawras said that he feels very unsecure in the streets of Baghdad. He said people look at him so strangely that makes his so worried. Another emo named as Ihsan said he feels like a pretty young girl walking in the streets of city when people steer at him strangely. Ihsan further said that two of his closed friends were killed in Baghdad by ISIS few months ago.

Not Safe

He says he feels that he will also be killed in next few months or any time in Baghdad for wearing emo dressing. The militants are so conservative and they openly kill such people in the city. Ihsan said they are killed only because they look different from others and it’s so unfortunate. Two of his friends were killed in Dora and one in New Baghdad. He said he often frighten when he remembers the time of their dead.

Media report shows that militants often remain in the search of such people in Baghdad and instantly attack them to kill instantly. Ihsan further said that local police is also harassing them time to time for being different from others. He said when security forces harass them; they feel more unsecure in the city. When talked to the police chief in Baghdad for harassing emos in the city of Baghdad, he said it is not true. He said a crackdown was made to arrest emos in city just too aware them that they need not look different from others. It makes them a soft target for militants in the city. It is in the favor of such people to mix up in the people to avoid any unwanted happening.

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