Iraq should modify Iraqi Budget 2016 in getting loans: Al-Tamimi


The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has confirmed that the supporter benefactor states have insisted that Iraq should modify its annual Iraqi budget 2016 in order to reduce the characteristics of exchange against the issuance of loans.

They also warned about the bankruptcy in the country due to the continuous disintegration of the financial condition in the country. A member of the finance committee MP Magda Al-Tamimi said in a press interview that there are a number of Iraqi commitments and it should be followed in order to receive financial loans by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and from getting loans from major donor states.

Majida Al Tamimi

The international financial experts and donor states have specified and insisted that Iraq should present modify its Iraqi budget 2016. The Iraqi government must reduce the attributes of exchange of expenses against getting loans. Al-Tamimi also pointed out that Iraq has been considered a state of confusion not only the financial, but in a number of fields. The donor states pointed out that it would increase the bankruptcy situation in the country. Al-Tamimi added that current Iraqi political and security situation also degrading the confidence of donor states, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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